Weddings at Grace Bible Church

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

Grace Bible Church sees weddings held at the church as a religious ceremony, not just as a civil or individual ceremony. That impacts who we will do weddings for, who we will affirm to officiate a wedding, and the content of the wedding ceremony itself. We see this as a sacred responsibility, and therefore have specific requirements for holding a wedding at the church.

Our facility primarily exists for Grace Bible Church’s elder-approved ministries and programs. Grace Bible Church reserves the right to refuse usage and rental to persons and parties at the discretion of the elders of the church. Additionally, in heavy seasons of activity, usage may be limited due to the primacy of Grace Bible Church’s ministries, and depending on the staff’s availability to support the scheduling and organization of such usage.

Please read the Wedding Policy linked below, and note that use of our facility for weddings is limited to members of Grace Bible and their children. If after reading the policy you would then like to request the use of the church's facilities to hold a wedding, please complete the Wedding Reservation Request Form. If you have more questions, please email [email protected].