We believe this is both biblical and historically normative for all believers in Jesus Christ. Membership in a local church is the public declaration that you belong to this body of believers, and that we belong to you. It is a mutual commitment made by the individual and the congregation to carry out the commands of the New Testament to love, serve and protect one another. Our prayer is that membership at Grace Bible Church of Bend would display to those around us what God’s love looks like. Here are the steps to becoming a member at Grace Bible:

Shepherding Care

The first step is to be under the shepherding care of Grace. This is done primarily through Community Groups. Click here for more information on Community Groups. Let your Community Group leader know that you are interested in the Family Membership process at Grace.

We Are The Church Series

The next step is to listen to the “We Are the Church” sermon series. This series outlines what we at Grace Bible Church believe about doctrine and ministry. For a deeper study on the subject, you can watch or listen to "The Church Series" linked below.

Membership Application

The next step is to fill out our Membership Application. Married couples, please fill out one form for each person requesting membership. Filling out this form in no way obligates you to join in membership at Grace Bible Church. Once you complete the form, someone in the church office will email you to schedule an interview with one of the elders. In that interview, the elders will primarily get to know (1) How you came to know the Lord, and (2) How you understand the Gospel.


Jesus told his disciples to baptize his followers, so we ask all of our members to take that step of obedience by being baptized. For more information on baptism, or to sign up to be baptized, click here.


Read and affirm Grace Family Membership Covenant, which can be found here.


The final step is to be presented to the Grace Bible Church Family. When the previous steps have been completed, someone from the church office will be in touch with you to prepare you for the next membership presentation.