Buddies Team

The 1-on-1 Buddy Team at Grace Kids exists to provide a gospel-centered, inclusive environment for individuals with specific needs. We not only want to serve these individuals but also partner with their families as they participate in the life of the church.

Buddies Team Program

We want to help any child or student who faces unique challenges related to physical, mental, behavioral, medical or emotional needs that would benefit from additional support, helping enable them to hear the gospel and participate in the Grace Kids program. The way we seek to accomplish this is by pairing trained "buddies" and children with special needs, providing the support they need throughout the morning.
If you are planning on joining us this Sunday and you have a child who will need a buddy, please let us know by emailing our Buddy Team Leader, Jerod Michael. We would also greatly appreciate it if you would fill out our Special Needs Intake Form. This form helps us to get to know your child and his/her unique strengths and challenges so that we can best be prepared to minister to your child and your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need to contact the church prior to attending in order to have a buddy available?

We would greatly appreciate it if you emailed our Buddy Team Leader Jerod Michael before attending on a Sunday morning. We want to make sure that we are ready to serve your family!

What does a buddy do?

Buddies simply act as a helper. They are an extra volunteer who helps when necessary and to the degree necessary. The primary goal of our buddies is to provide an environment where people of all needs can hear the gospel in a way that is clear to them.

For what ages are buddies provided?

We will provide a buddy for children ages 0-5th grade.

Jerod Michael

Director of the buddies team