Arlan & Cathy Mendell with Orphanages of Kenya have an update to share after our Christmas in October fundraiser:

Dear Family at Grace Bible Church,

On behalf of: the orphans God has placed in our care, the staff in Kenya, and our local board of directors, we thank you for your care and generosity last month. Because of your care, we are already moving forward with the several projects proposed, and sending at this month’s end funds which will bless our children during the Christmas season. As is our custom for the past 3 years, the children will be making the trip to town to select and purchase various items of personal need and wanted clothing. For at least 7 of our newest members of the family in The Promise Land, this will be their first time to select and buy a personal item. These children most often received items already well worn and handed down many times to be clothed with. So, needless to say, this is a very special time for them. At the same time, it is special for our older resident children. They get to hand down personal items they enjoy(ed) but have grown out of.

Please know that your gifts have been and will be passed along this month. We also wanted to give thanks for the new child sponsorships that came through the month of October. As we prepare to go to Kenya this February, I would like to invite sponsors to get some pictures together for me to carry ( and notes, cards or letters) that can be given to the child you are supporting. I can be reached at 541-210-0569 by phone or text to arrange that exchange of communication. And I’ll carry back something for you from them.

May God bless your generosity,

Arlan, Cathy and Team.

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