In this passage from the book of Luke, Jesus gives a picture to illustrate, a promise to remember and a command to obey. The picture: The Kingdom of God is coming. The promise: Jesus’ words are more real than the earth we stand on – His really is going to be returning. The command: 1) Watch (be careful, alert, attentive, aware), lest His return comes upon us like a trap, and 2) Pray, that we have strength to endure the things that will take place and can stand innocent before Him (by His blood). Questions to ask ourselves: Are we ready for His return? Are we living with an eternal perspective or temporary earthly perspective? If we knew for certain He is going to return in our lifetime, how would we live differently than we do now? What do we put our faith in? What is our escape other, than Jesus Christ, that helps us deal with the pain of our earthly lives? Where are our eyes fixed? If our prayer life was the mark of our strength, how strong are we?

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