In this passage from the book of Luke, we come across four truths. First, the reality of weeping for the lost: professional mourners wept over Jesus as he walked the road to the cross. But Jesus told them to not weep for him but for themselves and their children; he knew their condition was far worse that his own. Second, the reality of God’s judgment: Jesus gives a prophesy and parable, implying it would be better that children would not be alive to experience the severe judgment that is to come. Thirdly, the reality of our great substitution: Jesus died as a criminal, but not for his crimes, for ours. And lastly, the reality of forgiveness: Jesus forgave the Roman guards that executed him. And he offers us the free gift of forgiveness as well. Questions to ask ourselves: Do we weep for the lost in our city? Does it affect our lives? Have we received his forgiveness? Do we reflect this forgiveness to others?

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