In this passage from the book of Luke, Jesus gives us four important truths: 1) There are consequences to rejecting the Lord, 2) God keeps his promises, 3) Without salvation in Christ there is great reason to fear His return, and 4) We who are in Him can have confidence (there’s no reason to fear) as Jesus is not coming to pour out wrath on us, but to rescue and redeem us. There is coming a cataclysmic destruction upon the earth as a warning for those who reject the Lord. Jesus came humbly the first time, as a lamb, as a baby. But when He comes back, He will do so as a lion, as the King of kings. Questions to ask ourselves: Will we heed the warning of the Lord? Will we learning from those who have received consequences or will we reject the Lord and face the consequences ourselves? Are we ready? Will we believe and act on Him today?

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