In this passage from the book of Luke we encounter a case study about temptation, and in this picture we find the following truth: Everyone is tempted. We all live in a perpetual state of temptation. We are tempted by the flesh, by the devil, and by the world. This temptation does not come from God himself. He does not tempt anyone. This temptation comes from our desires. The battle is in our mind for our heart. Our greatest weapon against temptation is our advocate in Jesus Christ and prayer. God does not desire for us to fail. Quite the opposite, He intercedes on our behalf that we do not fail. Even when we do fail, God is at work. Repentance is a gift of God that never goes away. Forgiveness is always there. We think we are strong enough to resist temptation. Therefore, we need to recognize and understand our weakness, and have total dependence on God. And we all fail. But Jesus succeeds where we fail. Questions to ask ourselves: Are we prepared for when we are tempted? Will we give up or learn from our failure when we do sin from giving in to our desires?

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