In this passage from the book of Luke, we encounter three areas in which we see a glimpse of freedom from our sins. First, God’s plan for freedom: Jesus was proclaimed innocent – even by Pilate himself – but that Jesus was silent and didn’t defend Himself during the trails is no tragic injustice or an accident, rather it is the plan for justice from God to free us. Second, the rejection of Pilate’s plan: Pilate tried to use a murderer as a bargaining chip to have Jesus released, but the Nation of Israel would have none of it. They wanted Jesus crucified as God’s plan for freedom was not what they wanted; they wanted a Savior who would free them from Rome. Finally, there’s the true cost of freedom: The murderer, Barabbas, is the picture of all of us on death row – without hope and without God. And like the Barabbas’ release from prison and death, the cost for our freedom was paid by another – Jesus. Questions to ask ourselves: Are we still astonished beyond measure that Jesus does all things well in our lives? Or have we walked away from the closeness we once had with Jesus because things seemed to go wrong and we hold God accountable for not stepping in and doing something and stopping the way things have turned out? Are we thinking Jesus should act more like our Genie? Are we off following our own plans now? What allegiance do our lives show?

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