In this passage from the Book of Luke, the Sadducees themselves try to trap Jesus in his words. And once again he silences those testing him. From the Sadducees we learn that our theology affects how we live our life and our presuppositions can distort our theology. We need to be aware of our biases or it will distort our understanding of God’s Word. We must also allow God’s Word to speak for itself, letting Scripture interpret Scripture; and even when we don’t understand it, we should believe and trust God’s Word. Questions to ask ourselves: how does theology affect the way we live? Are we growing in correct theology? We also find clarity about resurrection in this passage, that only those who are considered worthy (have faith and repentance in Jesus Christ) will be resurrected and have a glorified life with perfect relationship with all saints, a glorified body with no more death, and a glorified identity with immortal life as sons of God.

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