In this passage from the book of Luke we find a story of failure, faith and hope through Peter’s denial of Jesus. All of us fail. But we are not alone and there is hope. We fail because we trust in ourselves, in our own strength. We fail when we do not pray. And then we fail because we fear things more than we fear God. But we repent when we see our sins in light of the character of our God and when we see our sin in light of God’s Word.
Questions to ask ourselves: How do we respond to our sin? Do we minimize it, mask it? Or do we recognize it, repent of it and be restored? Do we battle sin in our own strength or do we recognize our weakness, realize our need and dependence and act on it? Do we pray? Are we sorry that we get caught in our sin and sorrowful over the consequences? Or are we broken over our sin? Are we allowing the Word of God to be a mirror for ourselves? Our hope it’s that God’s love is stronger than our failure. And the reason we are able to repent is because Jesus paid the price of our sins.

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