Orphanages of Kenya has provided a bottle and can drop-off at GBC. You can bring your recyclable cans and bottles to church on Sundays and deposit them in the drop-off to provide extra funds for the Orphanage. This is a painless way to help these orphan children as they pursue their dreams in Kenya. 

Here is how it works. The drop-off is on the north side of the administration building. It will be open every Sunday after church as long as needed. There will be a team member there to assist you with your deposits.

Important Rules: These MUST be bottles (plastic and glass) and cans for which you have paid a deposit. They MUST have the little white triangle on them. Any other container than these MUST not be deposited (ie – applesauce container, peanut butter container ). Put those in your blue cans for the garbage/recycle people to pick up at home. Also, please SEPARATE these bottles and cans per the list below BEFORE you come so as to keep the process moving here at the Grace drop-off site. These different delineations of bottles and cans MUST be followed per our agreement with the store that will pay us.

Glass bottles – ALL sizes

Plastic bottles – 20 oz. and smaller

Plastic bottles – 21 oz. and bigger

Cans – 12 oz. and smaller

Cans – 13 oz. and bigger

We encourage you to set up a system at home where you can separate your bottles and cans and then bring them to Grace to help this Orphanage that is one of our Grace Bible missions.

Thank you for your support! 

The Orphanages of Kenya Board

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