Grace Kids Mission

Grace Kids Ministry exists to partner with parents in gospel-centered discipleship of their children. Our aim is to serve you and your children by allowing them to have a safe environment where they can learn about our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Kid’s Ministry classes on Sunday mornings are available from nursery through 5th Grade:

Nursery (0-18 months) & Toddlers (18-36 months)

The primary aim of the nursery and toddler classes is to allow the little ones at Grace Bible the opportunity to play with each other in a safe environment. Our helpers will read books, play alongside, and monitor your children.

3-Year-Olds through 5th Grade

These classes use “The Gospel Story for Kids” curriculum, a unique three-year program that helps churches and families ground children in the gospel story from Genesis to Revelation. Children who began this program at age three will have learned and absorbed the gospel story from Genesis to Revelation three complete times. At each age level children are taught the gospel through age-appropriate illustrations, activities, coloring pages, object lessons, and memorization that continually point to the excellent greatness of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Grace Kids Values

Gospel Centered

Jesus is not just part of the story – HE is the HERO of the story. Every bit of Scripture ultimately points back to the saving work of Jesus’ death on the cross. The kids and families involved in our ministry need to know this! Our curriculum choices and teaching styles reflect a Gospel-Centered worldview and we are unashamed in proclaiming the deep, wonderful truths of the greatest story forever told – The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Kid Focused

We don’t want to simply entertain children, and we’re not here to babysit. We want children to learn about Jesus. The content of the Grace Kids classrooms is geared towards a child’s learning level, with specific lessons they can apply to their lives. Kids are wired to move and interact with their environment; therefore, Grace Kids classes are designed to help kids learn about Jesus through interaction. Lessons about Christ and the Bible will be age appropriate and will help them understand God’s love and plan for their lives.

Family Partners

We believe that what happens at home is more important than what happens at church, but that two voices make a greater impact than just a single voice. Grace Kids is partnering with parents by providing resources, support and encouragement as they lead their families from where they are to where God wants them to be. At the end of the day, if parents and church leaders are saying the same thing, a child’s understanding of what’s being taught increases greatly.

Volunteer Fueled

Every week a team of committed volunteers shows up ready to invest in the lives of our kids and families at Grace Bible Church. From watching infants and babies, to leading preschoolers in song and dance, to leading Elementary-aged classes, volunteers make all the things God has in mind for our ministry a reality. We cannot understate the value and significance of our volunteers and the work they do. We strive to communicate the idea of “ownership” amongst our volunteers.


We will provide a safe environment for children to enjoy. We want children to be safe and feel safe, and parents to rest assured that their child is well cared-for while they are in the service. For this reason, we obtain background checks on every volunteer. Adults are never alone with children, and there are two adults with children at all times.


We want kids to have fun! Our desire is to see kids have such a good time they will be begging their parents to come back the next week. We believe creating this fun environment for kids will help children learn more about Jesus. We use games, crafts, props and creative stories to communicate the message of Jesus and we think it’s okay to have a good time at church.

Grace Kids Music