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Here’s a brief rundown of what’s coming up over the next days and weeks at Grace:

Upcoming Events

Christmas in October | September 30 – October 28

This month we have the opportunity to provide Christmas gifts for the children of Orphanages of Kenya, one of our supported missions. Stop by the display in the foyer to choose a gift tag for a child. The gifts for Christmas will include needed new clothing, special projects, equipment, and monthly sponsorships. There will be volunteers at the display each Sunday in October, so feel free to ask questions. We’re so excited to be able to support this ministry of caring for orphans!

Orphanages of Kenya has also provided a bottle and can drop-off at GBC. Bring your recyclable cans and bottles to church on Sundays and deposit them in the drop-off located on the north side of the administration building. It will be open every Sunday on an ongoing basis from 9:00 – 9:25 am, as well as after church. There will be a team member there to assist you with your deposits. This is a painless way to help these orphan children as they pursue their dreams in Kenya. For more detailed information on how and what to donate, click on the “more information” button below.


Respite Retreat | October 25 – October 28

Please pray for the upcoming Elisha Foundation Respite Retreat. We will be sending a team of volunteers to help with this retreat weekend, where parents of children with special needs will be given a much needed break and valuable instruction while their children are well cared for.

Membership Presentation | November 18th

Our next membership presentation is coming up on November 18th. This is where new members of Grace Bible Church are presented to the church body during the service. If you are interested in becoming a member of Grace Bible, click on the “become a member” link below. To be included in the next presentation, please complete the process by November 11th.


Sunday Gathering


This Sunday we will look together at 1 Corinthians 16:10-24, as we complete our study of 1 Corinthians. We encourage you to read ahead and come prepared to hear from God’s word.

Sunday’s Songs

Click the titles below to listen to the songs that we’ll sing this weekend, or even better, go subscribe to our Sunday’s Songs playlist on Spotify!

October Missionary Highlight | Orphanages of Kenya

Arlan and Cathy Mendell direct Orphanages of Kenya, a small, non-profit ministry with a passion to care for needy children. In Kenya there is poverty and hunger beyond Western thought, and thousands of innocent children are affected by the diseases that have stripped them of their mothers and fathers. The mission of the orphanage is to rescue these children and to ensure that they have a chance to survive in this world despite the neglect and the harsh conditions that they have faced. The orphanage, nicknamed “The Promised Land,” provides the children with a warm and comfortable home. They are given clothes to wear, three meals a day, are provided with caretakers who love them, and most importantly, are given a solid Christian education. Orphanages of Kenya attempts to give these children the schooling and the Christian-based faith they need to succeed.

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